Oud Mon Cherie by Dixit & Zak EDP Perfume 2022 Launch


Hindi Tabac is your classic citrusy bitter-spicy eau de parfum, that comforts and appeals to your olfaction. As the ascending whiffs of dry tobacco are rolled in touches of ambergris, herbal earthy patchouli, fruity black currant and almond sweet vanilla from old oleoresin, the choir florals perform subtly in the backdrop. Uniquely composed with a rare form, made from a range of elements, the ‘Hindi Tabac’ lifts the wearer with a well rounded experience, and a welcoming effervescence.

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‘Oud Mon Cheri Parfum’ is an indigenous creation by Dixit and Zak, an introduction of a day-wear perfume, that can be worn on any day, in all seasons throughout the year.

It begins to reveal itself with the opening of an exuberant dose of freshly squeezed key lime, accompanied by acerbic, tart, citric notes of the bergamot. The clean, unsoaked, Hindi Chin Oud, ascends to the top, tantalizing your olfactory sense and flashing on your mind screen, the enthralling experience you have had of the flavor of Iced Lemonade mixed with Green Mango Sherbet.

The midway notes are a melange, demonstrating an interplay of Jasmine with Tuberose and the Poet’s Narcissus (daffodils), with toppings of citrus notes, in tandem with the base essence of clean ‘Hindi Chin Oud’; green, soil-like Haitian Vetiver, and Vanillic Dark textured, musky Castoreum.

The ultimate crescendo experience can be felt during the dry down where the vibrations that are manifested through the combination of Oud with the woody Cedar; are energized, cleansed and invigorated by the verdant Vetiver.

Oud Mon Chéri can be summarized in a line by describing it as an exhilarating interpretation of the journey that Oud goes through; with a fragrance that you, and your near and dear ones, would love to wear.

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