Ghaliyah Ghazali by Dixit & Zak EDP Perfume 2022 Launch


Hindi Tabac is your classic citrusy bitter-spicy eau de parfum, that comforts and appeals to your olfaction. As the ascending whiffs of dry tobacco are rolled in touches of ambergris, herbal earthy patchouli, fruity black currant and almond sweet vanilla from old oleoresin, the choir florals perform subtly in the backdrop. Uniquely composed with a rare form, made from a range of elements, the ‘Hindi Tabac’ lifts the wearer with a well rounded experience, and a welcoming effervescence.

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The third of the classic Ghaliyah series, ‘Ghaliyah Ghazali’ is a blend that lay in alcohol for the last three years. Ghazali, over time, is soaked in alcohol with Aged Hindi Oud and other Complex ingredients, on top of that matured musk Tincture is added in the blend.

Blended over two generations, the formula is a legacy handed down by Zak’s pater to Dixit and Zak, for use in perfumery.

Its an unmistakable, complex Indian masala blend with a leathery scent, robust tobacco Oud notes; used as a base since the Ghaliyah Reflection days.

Amplified at top with the subtle incense created by abundant musk and ambergris, the blend opens with a mix of bitter light Bergamot and zesty Fresh Rose, Umami Oud, Sweet Musk, bringing out complex floral notes.

The fusion of Indian spices Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black pepper with Jasmine, Tuberose and high quality Rose absolute from Turkey, Osmanthus, Black Currant bud, constitutes a very nice solid mid structure.

The base is made from a full ensemble of Vintage Hindi and Bangla Oud of the 90s, Mysore Sandalwood of 80s, Oleoresin, Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh, Heavy Musk, Civet, Hyraceum, Fossil Himalayan Amber, Black Ambergris, Brown Ambergris, Saffron, and Castoreum.

Not to be confused, it is difficult to single out any particular note from such a complex well blended base. Musk here is on steroids without the fatty, off-putting aspects of musk per se.

Undoubtedly, the final resulting blend is the ultimate Ghaliyah experience ushered in modern perfumery by Dixit and Zak..

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