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Niche Fragrances derive their origins from the word ‘Niche‘, which by the book refers to a ‘ Particular & Select ‘ section of the demography (i.e. people). These niche companies cater to those who want a fragrance that is not common or in most cases is used only by a few people. The quality of ingredients used by them is vastly superior as compares to your designer releases and master perfumers such as ‘ Dominic Ropion ‘ , ‘J.C Ellena’, ‘ Roja Dove ‘ and many more blend them to such excellence and exuberance, that they are a delight to any person who comes across them. The skills of a perfumer and the ingredient quality go a long way to determine the overall ‘Soul & Character‘ of a fragrance.

The world we live in today thrives on exclusivity. If you strive hard every day to dress well and wear a good watch and a pair of shoes while keeping in mind that you shouldn’t be dressed like someone else or avoid wearing the same watch or shoes as your colleague does, then why should not the same apply for the fragrance that you wear ?

Everybody should have this one signature scent that everybody knows you by. It is like having a unique identity each of us aspires for. Your fragrance is a definition of you and you most certainly don’t want somebody else to use your definition!

This is how the world of niche fragrances will give you that extra oomph and chutzpah that makes you differ from the crowd and the rest of the herd, because honestly, how will you ever be unique and sparkle unlike others, if your are just like them ?

Give it a chance, push that sprayer… wait for a few seconds… It will come to life, and its purpose shall be revealed


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