Amore Caffe By Mancera EDP Perfume

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Amore Caffe, like many fragrances from Mancera and Montale, begins with a distinct sharp, metallic aroma. However, this initial impression is fleeting, giving way to a delightful dry down that leaves you enveloped in a deliciously sweet scent reminiscent of vanilla coffee ice cream. The fragrance strikes a perfect balance, not overly sweet in comparison to other gourmand scents, yet still indulgent enough to satisfy those with a penchant for dessert-like aromas.

Affogato: a deliriously delightful Italian combination of two delicious opposites- creamy vanilla ice cream and hot, robust espresso coffee. Amore Caffe gives you the full experience of that perfect affogato after a rich and satisfying meal- the ebb and flow between sips of potent cafe noir and whippings of lusciously sweet gelato, all coming together to deliver a sensational, rounded gourmand fullness where every ingredient claims its perfect contrasting role. Coffee lovers, gourmand fanatics- discover your bliss today.

Amore Caffe Fragrance Notes: Black coffee, amaretto liquor, vanilla ice cream, speculoos, vanilla pods, brown sugar, grey amber

The Fragrance Concept

Mancera perfumes differ deliberately from typical oriental fragrance brands. From the start the idea was to create intensive, highly concentrated perfumes with predominantly western appeal and some exceptional Aoud fragrances. Arabian clientele lean more and more towards western-designed fragrances that are – as with oriental notes – very durable and have a strong aura. Thus arose a collection of perfumes that are also suitable for European fans of intense fragrances. Mancera offers a brilliant olfactory symbiosis and therefore creations that simultaneously cater for western and oriental fragrance tastes. Only the highest quality ingredients of natural and synthetic origin are used. Critical to the mixing ratio for each Mancera fragrance is the durability, intensity and development of the overall composition.

The heavy crystal glass flacon from Mancera is custom made by Italian manufacturer Luigi Bormioli, whose style and artwork have a long history that dates back to the Renaissance.

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