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VIP Club Energetic Aromatic By Mercedes Benz Eau de Toilette For Men


Since 1886, the famous motto ‘the best or nothing’ continues to live and the three-pointed star represents much more than an automobile company, it is a lifestyle & luxury brand elected the 9th most global/international famous brand in 2017. Mercedes-Benz is a name that signifies belonging. Belonging to a certain world. The world of creation and design, the world of beauty, rarity and exception.

The brand’s commitment to excellence in quality, innovative design, craftsmanship and performance has made a natural pursuit of advancing the areas of fashion and perfume for already 5 years. Indeed, fragrance and luxury have always been closely intertwined. More than all the other senses, the sense of smell determines whether we feel at ease with ourselves and in our surroundings. We keep this philosophy for our fragrances and we respect the noble codes of selective perfumery.



A timeless, refined and authentic aromatic watery fragrance. Fresh and energetic on top, the fragrance opens with a pure blend of juicy bergamot and grapefruit enhanced with the fizzy fruitiness of blackcurrant. With its sensual heart composed of green ivy leaves, rare galbanum and refined dry cedarwood, this exclusive masculine creation finally brings out powerful touches of suave tonka bean surrounded by precious amber and creamy sandalwood.

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