Red Vetyver By Montale EDP Perfume

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Montale Red Vetyver is a unique eau de parfum built on an amazing contrast of hot spices and cold green freshness of vetiver.

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Montale Red Vetyver is an oriental woody fragrance with a major chord of vetiver designed for men. This eau de parfum by French perfume producer, known for its love of aromas from the Orient and Arabia and their magic history, offers a unique combination of contrasts in an unconventional interpretation of one of classic ingredients – vetiver. Just like all the fragrances by Montale, Red Vetyver was also created by admired and rather mysterious Pierrre Montale to be original and evoke a miraculous elixir or a magical precious ointment

Montale Red Vetyver is a unique eau de parfum built on an amazing contrast of hot spices and cold green freshness of vetiver. Its original use of vetiver contrasting with black pepper together with woody tones and a long-lasting wave of patchouli in the fiery spices turns Red Vetyver into a true adventure mainly for fans of vetiver and spices. Its aromatic composition consists of chords of Haitian vetiver, cedar from Atlas mountains in Morocco, patchouli, grapefruit, pepper, and Peruvian balm. Just like all the aromatic products by Pierre Montale, Red Vetyver is also created from natural materials of the best quality and in high concentrations to ensure its long-lasting effects.

Montale Red Vetyver is a true jewel created by Pierre Montale. It looks like this founder of the brand and creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio during his stay in Saudi Arabia obtained mysterious skillls of an oriental magician and created here an absolutely original perfume which is just dangerously addictive.

Montale Red Vetyver is suitable for both day and evening use all year long. It forever wins hearts mainly of fans of vetiver and spices, especially in an absolutely innovative form. All those who appreciate a true quality in combination with originality should try this eau de parfum. Besides their amazing aromas with masterfully balanced aromatic compositions, all the perfumes by Montale draw attention also by their original packages. Their design is fascinating by straightforward pure elegance, in case of Red Vetyver underlined by attractive deep red color with golden decorative elements. They are unique also thanks to the choice of their material, as Pierre Montale decided for aluminum to ensure perfect protection of the perfumes.

Montale Red Vetyver – a fragrance full of amazing contrasts, offering an innovative interpretation of the aroma of vetiver and spices.

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