Pasion Choco By Nishane Extrait de Parfum

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Pasion Choco is not your run-of-the-mill gourmand. Although it contains scrumptious notes such as chocolate, coffee, and passion fruit, this is a fragrance that smells more like a good mood than dessert. To that end, you’ll want to wear this one obsessively, growing ever more addicted to the way it lights up the pleasure centers in your brain.

Pasion Choco starts with a juicy, dripping-wet passion fruit so realistic that you may feel your saliva glands kicking into action. But restrained by the dark, earthy flavors of coffee, patchouli, and dark chocolate, the fruit simmers moodily rather than broadcasting in Technicolor, like a room hung entirely in dark red velvet and lit by a single candle. A bright green coriander note complicates things with a whiff of clean herbs and soap, but in the end, one thinks of delicate flower petals crystallized and enrobed in a 90% single plantation chocolate, covered with a fine dusting of benzoin and cinnamon. A beautiful and absorbing gourmand, even for those who normally can’t abide them.

Pasion Choco  Notes

Passionfruit, coffee, caramelized grapefruit, dark chocolate, linden blossom, orchid, coriander, vanilla, benzoin, patchouli, black musk

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