Oud Rosa by Dixit & Zak EDP Perfume 2022 Launch


Hindi Tabac is your classic citrusy bitter-spicy eau de parfum, that comforts and appeals to your olfaction. As the ascending whiffs of dry tobacco are rolled in touches of ambergris, herbal earthy patchouli, fruity black currant and almond sweet vanilla from old oleoresin, the choir florals perform subtly in the backdrop. Uniquely composed with a rare form, made from a range of elements, the ‘Hindi Tabac’ lifts the wearer with a well rounded experience, and a welcoming effervescence.

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Transcending their erstwhile Charbagh blend, with the arrival of Spring…
Dixit and Zak announce the greatest avatar of the Orient, Oud Rosa. Invoked by Rose Damascena (Damask Rose) and the enrapturing Oud, this perfume marks the beginning of the season of bloom and charm, and is here to mesmerize.
The clean, smoky whiff of the royal opening of the Oud incense is nicely segued with tonnes of plucked fresh roses from all over the globe. The addition of silkenly layers to the blend enhance its regality due to the wrapping of Lawsonia Inermis (henna) in Saffron. A macho speck rendered by the moisty animalic undertones raise the intrigue through layers of subtle sweetness and traditional sandalwood spice, making the whole experience a harmonious and charismatic one.

Bringing in the touches of the Turkish, Bulgarian and the Ispartan, the intricacy of layers interlaced with lucidity makes Oud Rosa, packaged in a cutely cut bottle of 30ml, a classic and magnificient gem ever, to be creatively innovated from the house of Dixit and Zak.

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