Moresque Parfum Discovery Set of 7 (7.5ml each)



A perfume decant is a small-sized bottle in which the perfumes are poured from the official perfume full-sized bottle to these decant bottles. It is not from the company nor a factory-sealed bottle. Usually decant bottles come in 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml and 30ml.

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Moresque Parfum – Experience Set

The Moresque Parfum Experience Set offers a selection of fragrances from the White, Black and Art Collections. Presented in the Moresque signature colors, each 7.5 ml fragrance firmly rests on a bed of black velvet that offers a noble contrast to the white cardboard case and gold Moresque lettering and logo. The inside of the lid is layered with black velvet and also embossed with the Moresque logo.

The Experience Set comprises the following fragrances:

  • Al Andalus: Named after one of the ancient cultural provinces of the Moors, Al Andalus is a fiery and seductive scent that recalls the vibrancy and the blazing sun of Andalusia. The fragrance is characterized by a seductive, enveloping and mysterious character. An olfactory tribute to the power a look or a glance that can conquer without words.
  • Emiro – the olfactory tribute to the “Emirs”, to the monarchs and those in command. A fragrance that arose from the pursuit of pride and determination. This fragrance reveals the strength of attraction and determination that we read in the eyes of powerful people.
  • Rand: Rand pays homage to the “desert flower”; a delicate flower yet determined and strong enough to grow in and endure/survive the most challenging environment. Rand stands proudly and fights for its beliefs without compromising on its true nature. A treasure that lets itself be found where least expected.
  • Aristoqrati: Aristoqrati encapsulates the spirit of the aristocratic and royal dynasties of the Middle East. An olfactory journey of sophistication exalted by a twist of modern artistry. The woody-spicy perfume hints at a particular bond between the sense of majesty/nobility and arts; a synergy sublimed by contrasting and vibrant Vetiver of Madagascar.
  • Diadema: Diadema takes its name from “diadem”, the distinguishing symbol of sovereignty and nobility. This perfume gourmand crowns luscious and charming caramel, an ingredient that, for many, takes its origins in the discovery of “Kurat Al Milh” (“ball of sweet salt”) by the Arabs.
  • Moreta :The Spanish have a word to define a stunning, attractive woman of ravishing femininity who knows how to win attention; they call her “Moreta”. The fragrance Moreta was inspired by a business meeting with a woman who captivated everyone with her natural charm and innate style.
  • Tamima : Tamima is an olfactory allegory to the princess and poet Tamima, wife of the Almoravid Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf of Morocco. An ode to a romantic woman with incredible inner strength. The floral-woody perfume is an inspiring mélange created around the modern notes of cashmeran, which allude to audacity and spark.

Moresque Parfum : Haute Perfumery celebrates a marriage of Italian Style and Arabic Charm

Moresque Parfum brings together oriental charm and occidental class. Created to dress the ancient oriental tradition of perfumery with timeless Italian style and know-how, Moresque Parfum is a harmonious synthesis between form and content, between aesthetics and essence

The concept of luxury is conveyed by cultural elements: Moresque Parfum is a tribute to the splendor of the Moorish Art which reveals itself through minimalist collections of perfumes featuring the finest details and ornaments. Moresque Parfum is an innovative concept of perfumery where taste embraces elegance and becomes superb refinement.

Moresque Parfum fragrances offer more than olfactory sensations: they take us on a sumptuous journey that starts with the architecture and the sensory impressions of two continents, to lead us to the perfect balance between design, sophistication and prestige.The result is the creation of exclusive Eaux de Parfums, born from the research of the most precious raw materials. The perfumes are divided into three collections: Black, White and Art. Each Moresque Parfum product is a work of art 100% made in Italy that strikes by its visual and olfactory richness. The most fascinating culture of perfumery takes form in a collection of sublime and elegantly-shaped fragrances 100% made in Italy.

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