Molecules 01 By Escentric Molecules Perfume

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Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women and men. The nose behind this fragrance is Geza Schoen. The fragrance features iso e super

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Molecule 01 is unlike anything you will ever wear. It is one of the most mysteriously alluring scents wrapped in simplicity. For us, the phenomenon of Molecule 01 came completely out of left field. When we first encountered it in 2005, our first impression was that we couldn’t smell a thing. We weren’t sure what to think, but we wore it just as the description urged us to do, and didn’t really notice the subtle scent on ourselves. The response from others, however, was undeniable. Each time we wore it, somebody would ask what we were wearing. It was astonishing how predictably this occurred.

Molecule 01 is an aroma chemical, which are used in virtually all modern fragrances to recreate scents like jasmine or cedar or a host of other familiar olfactory favorites. This fragrance, however, is the first to to pay homage to Iso E Super, which you probably know as a sweet sandalwood/cedar-like smell. Because Molecule 01 is an aroma chemical rather than a perfume, it behaves differently. You have to wear it to understand it. If you have a bottle Molecule and feel that it smells of nothing, be patient. Keep using it. The velvety woody note is highly sensitive to body chemistry and twists and turns as it evolves, combining with the wearers’ own natural scent to create an extraordinary alluring quality. The science of scent is truly on display and is sure to delight those woody fragrance aficionados who love to venture forth and discover something devastatingly unique. A true phenomenon in its own right.

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4 reviews for Molecules 01 By Escentric Molecules Perfume

  1. Roli Verma

    Fabulous! Bought a bottle within a week from here and LOVE it. Works both day and night, it’s light enough but alluring. Make me feel sexy.

  2. Manisha

    This scent is pure magic. After a few wears, you almost stop smelling it. I probably overcompensate for this by dousing myself with it liberally. But don’t worry, it’s never overwhelming even in high doses. I am reminded that others can indeed smell it because people compliment me on it about half the time I’m wearing it. It’s a great perfume if you’re not into a really strong scent but you still want to leave a pheromone trail in your wake.

  3. Nishi

    I did get a sense that it was a “layer” or function of fragrance, rather than a whole fragrance in and of itself. Unlike “The Nue” (“functional” fragrance I”m also trying, which I love and which interacts well with my natural chemistry/scent), this is (although pleasant) not a complete experience for me, nor does it last long. Being a middle-aged woman going through all manner of body changes and pain management with its accompanying prescription meds, it’s difficult to find a fragrance that works well as a match rather than a mask/cover. This was benign yet I found unrewarding. Probably works much better for younger women and those with sensitive fragrance palates

  4. Munish

    I came ame across Molecule 01. It sounded interesting, I loved the idea that it may smell a little different on each user. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks now and I love it so much. It took a week of wearing it daily for me to notice the scent on myself…which was a little tough on me, I am use to smelling my scent on my wrist throughout the day. I use 3 sprays. I spray my chest, back of my neck, and my wrist. I have had 3 people approach me “you smell so good, what IS that you are wearing” I am 46 and this has never happened to me. I get little whiffs of it through the day. On me it smells like a light woodsy/cedar scent…but it’s so much more. Give this one a chance.

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