Don By Xerjoff Eau De Parfum


Xerjoff’s Don exhibits a summary of the world of gangsters with reckless oud-like tobacco, a stingy acrid gunpowder accord and caramelized whiskey.

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Everyone, at some point, has daydreamed of becoming a mob boss. While we wouldn’t recommend actually pursuing that dream, we have a better solution: don, a rich, addictive new fragrance from join the club that captures the seductive mystique of the criminal underworld. One sniff of Don, and you’ll feel transported to an era of double-breasted suits, Tommy guns, and smoke-filled speakeasies. Rich, spicy Cuban tobacco leads the way, along with the sweet, warm depth of whiskey. Danger, in the form of a tingling gunpowder accord, pairs perfectly with a fresh whiff of crisp stacks of cash. Spicy, masculine, and impossibly smooth, don has the ruthlessness of a gangster- but the style of a gentleman.

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