Baikal Gris By Areej Le Dore Extrait De Parfum

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Areej le Dore creates only limited editions. Once the amount of perfume oil once mixed has been used up, all the ingredients in their rare uniqueness are completely used up. The scent never comes back. A very absolute form of shortage. But also always an experience. Olfactory. Clearly beyond the actual collector’s value of the flacons. Probably one of the best definitions for niche.

Baikal Gris is the successor of the beautiful Atlantic Ambergris. Here as representatives of the fourth
Season of the Parfumhaus.

Baikal Gris is a tribute to Lake Baikal, the deepest freshwater lake on earth. A poem on the manufacturer’s page tells of sleeping Baikal. Its beauty and the scent of resting water surrounded by the scent of conifers. And, yes, the warm green tones of wood, resin and fir green are perceptible away.

But above all is this beautiful, natural amber note. Although it is supposed to be the grey Indian amber, it radiates warm, lively, amber-coloured into my mind when inhaled. Magic colors. Add to that one of the most beautiful sandalwoods I’ve ever smelled. Everything’s “working” towards the amber. Supports its sparkle and colors.

This scent also doesn’t really have a pyramid (,as stated). Every chord is there all the time in one way or another. Here again it is noticeable that the scent with skin warmth really lives and takes its space.

With light wood and oak moss, the fragrance concludes its dance on my skin after a good 8 hours. Exudes an ethereal warmth. With every heartbeat, the waves of Baikal before your eyes.

Who slowly goes back to sleep.

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2 reviews for Baikal Gris By Areej Le Dore Extrait De Parfum


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    Jimmy Shiraz

    The feeling I get is of a dry, organic scent of woods of considerable depth and complexity, enlightened by the herbal overtones of a damp forest floor. Unisex all the way yet appropriately feminine for the right wardrobe of tweeds, cashmere and leather. Beautiful and very unique.

    April 15, 2019
  • Avatar

    Riju Dev

    Beautifully blended, unisex with moderate sillage and projection and moderate to strong longevity. This exceptional and very natural beauty is for adventurous perfume lovers. If you are into light fruity or floral notes, please stay away. This is very haunting and evocative.

    April 15, 2019

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