Agarbathi By Penhaligon’s Edp Perfume


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Agarbathi from Penhaligon’s embraces a moment, the moment light filters into a temple in luminous shafts; the sound of running water connects this moment to the outside. A plume of incense smoke signals a timeless, wordless peace, but whilst tranquillity reigns, the rush of bergamot and pink berries reminds us of all of life and its pulsing beat.


A plume of incense smoke signals a timeless, wordless peace. But whilst tranquility reigns, the rush of bergamot and pink berries reminds us of all of Life and its pulsing beat. The sacred resin Oliban blends into one with the omnipresent incense and a milky-skin deep accord. Garlands of Himalayan Jasmine, God’s own flower, hang ready outside, for the wedding festival to adorn the heads of guests. The jasmine, blends with the incense and lifts with light the sombre vetiver and the fragrant Indian sandalwood. Another sign of the sacred, and of Life.


balsamic, woody, smoky, aromatic, powdery


Bergamot, Palo Santo Essence,Pink Pepper Pure J.Ess™


Incense & Olibanum Essences, Milk Accord, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Vetiver Essence, Sandalwood, Suede, Fir Balsam Absolute

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