Sorriso By Profumum Roma Parfum Extrait

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A delicious and sophisticated gourmand scent built on the always-enticing combination of chocolate and orange. The bitter orange opening is bright and sharp and does not fade away, but melds beautifully with the intense and luscious chocolate note that dominates the blend. The notes list bitter chocolate, but it does not have the aggressive bite of unsweetened baker’s squares. Instead it reminds us of fine, European bittersweet cocoa powder – like Valrhona or Callebaut – rich and dark, with just a hint of sweetness.

Dusted over fresh orange and velvety woods (and perhaps a creamy vanilla-tinged note, as well), this is a luxurious, grown-up cocoa with no marshmallows in sight. Sorriso is one of the most elegant chocolate scents we have ever encountered. It isn’t sugary or buttery and it doesn’t juxtapose the edible elements with surprising, jarring notes. It is smooth and balanced, earning its sophistication by embracing the bitter elements of chocolate, as well as the sweet, and by using soft, soothing wood as an anchor. Sorriso means smile and this fragrance will surely evoke many of them.

Sorriso Fragrance Notes

Bitter chocolate, bitter orange, exotic woods

PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances

Don’t call them simply scents: PRO FVMVM ROMA is an of olfactory concept. The fragrances of PRO FVMVM ROMA are fragrances, reminding us a precise moment of the past – personally or imaginary lived – and brought to a new life .

The smell are an inner part of ourselves, that we convey to the others. An unfailing communicative device, underlining our real attitude or creating a sort of alter-ego. According to our personality we identify ourselves with the fragrance we wear, and we spread a precise personal identity: cheerful, serious, determined, hilarious, rebel. The fragrance becomes a part of ourselves, something belonging us truly and deeply. PRO FVMVM ROMA embraces these beliefs, by designing upscale olfactory concepts fitting like a second skin, like an enchanting dress sliding on our body.

PRO FVMVM ROMA smells have an high concentration, about 43%: they will leave an incredibly persistent smell on the skin, developing in the first 30 minutes after the application. PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances have a complex structure, revealing its dominating and fading essences time after time, in contact with the skin. They are extremely communicative: every morning or every night, we choose our favorite one according to our feeling and mood, aim and sensation, that awards us austerity or freedom, sensuality or wildness, anything we would be. Like a dress.

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