Rose Omeyyade By Atelier des Ors EDP Perfume

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An intense and bewitching velvety fragrance inspired by the precious and captivating Damask Rose. Named after the Umayyad dynasty, Rose Omeyyade tells of the grandeur of the lavishly decorated Levant palaces.

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Bewitching, beautiful, and a touch too beguiling to be completely safe, Rose Omeyyade is the very definition of a secret weapon. Named for the Umayyad dynasty, whose kingdom once stretched from Westernmost Europe to the Middle East, Rose Omeyyade is as expansive and cultured as its namesake- a truly extraordinary floral.

Rose Omeyyade opens with a burst of delectable florals, rich Damask Rose paired with fruity raspberry and energized with pink pepper. A heart of caramelized patchouli and rich gaiac furthers the east-meets-west motif with mouthwatering potency, which only deepens in the warm, soft and subtly animalic base of oud and amber. With its immediate floral appeal and dark, seductive twists, Rose Omeyyade is the kind of floral that makes heads turn- and then turn again.

Rose Omeyyade Fragrance Notes

Raspberry, rose, pink pepper, patchouli, gaiac, brown sugar, amber, sandalwood, oud

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5ml Decant, 10ml Decant, 30ml Decant, 100ml Retail Pack

5 reviews for Rose Omeyyade By Atelier des Ors EDP Perfume

  1. Rohit Parmar

    So different and long-lasting in a most beautiful floral and rose way. I feel elegant but also sensual when I use this sample. Saving for a FB of this magic potion. Will make the man in your life remember why he fell in love with you whenever you wear this scent. Try a sample and see if his legs turn into jelly when he gets a whiff of this lovely fragrance on you.

  2. Vidhisha Rao

    Lots of rose and oud perfumes out there, but what distinguishes this one is is the huge, jammy, berry rose opening. The sillage is big too, at least at the beginning. Frankly it’s too much for my taste; I find it overwhelming. I’ll stick with Montale Black Oud for a subtler rose-oud combination.

  3. Rupali Ghosh

    An outstanding fragrance. Excellent longevity & silage to be noticed. I must admit it’s initially ALMOST too strong for me, but it settles so beautifully that I fall deeply in love. I love that this is a rose that doesn’t dry down powdery. There isn’t a hint of old lady or your grandma here. This is current, fresh and a bit fierce. Made for being worn around your lover or to fall in love with yourself. Note this is my first fragrance from ADO so cannot compare it to anything else they have released.

  4. Anahaita Bhushan

    I always love the rose-oud combination and this one is also fantastic. It is a velvety rose with fruity notes based atop the smooth scent of oud. It lingers in the air and leaves an impression of the smoothness of silk and wine. And the gold flakes are so stunning in the bottle.

  5. Vineeta Rai

    This is not the usual rose oud blend as it has gourmand factors within but not classified as gourmand, just to add that cheerful factor within.

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