Orto Parisi Discovery Sample Set of 8 (1.5ml Each)

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Orto Parisi Discovery Sample Set contains 8 * 1.5ml samples in non-spray format. They have to be used by dabbing

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Orto Parisi Discovery Sample Set contains 8 * 1.5ml samples in non-spray format. They have to be used by dabbing

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Orto Parisi was developed on three main themes that circulated in the nose of Alessandro Gualtieri. First, was the idea of freshness. If to ask “What is freshness?”, Captured by the idea that freshness is something that is still alive, something that is there and that is real, Alessandro decided to develop the new scent collection. Second inspiration of the creations lies in the trip that he took down the memory lane by wanting to enliven and add some personal experiences from his childhood. The third idea behind the concept of Orto Parisi, is the fact that Alessandro wanted to uncap the real smell of life byre-creating the references to the natural body odors in the Orto Parisi perfumes.

At www.SplashFragrance.in, we’ve worked hard to procure these hard-to-find niche perfume samples so that customers can buy them, give them a try and then make up their minds as to which perfume they intend to buy fully ensuring that our customers are getting a perfume that they’ll love. Now you don’t have to be worried about buying a new perfume and not liking it. These are very small amounts of specific fragrances that are typically sold in conveniently sized vials. You’ll find that many brands offer samples, and they are available for both women and men. Their small size allows them to be effortlessly carried or kept in the smallest of spaces, such as a pocket or a small purse.


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