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No1 De Chanel Leau Rouge By Chanel Edp 1.5ml Perfume Sample Spray


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Its a 1pc Official sample from the brand Chanel . ” FOR SALE “

Perfume Travel Spray and Miniatures help you try something new, and you can also take your favorite perfume on the go with the perfect mini sizes for trial and travel. Due to their small sizes, perfume minis are ideal for travel and won’t take up too much space in suitcases or overnight bags. Here at www.splashfragrance.in, you are in the right place to find the miniature version of your favorite perfume in India. Travel-size fragrances on our site are available in fragrances for both men and women. Like our regular-size perfumes, we sell our mini perfumes at discount prices, so that they are perfectly priced for everyone regardless of their budget.

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