Nasomatto Discovery Sample Set of 9 (1.5ml Each) Non Spray

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Nasomatto Discovery Sample Set contains 9 * 1.5ml samples in non-spray format. They have to be used by dabbing

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Nasomatto Discovery Sample Set contains 9 * 1.5ml samples in non-spray format. They have to be used by dabbing

  • NASOMATTO Absinth Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Blamage Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO China White Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Duro Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Fantomas Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Narcotic V.Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Nudiflorum Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Pardon Sample 1.5ml
  • NASOMATTO Silver Musk Sample 1.5ml

Nasomatto, a conjoining of Naso and Matto meaning the crazy nose, is a brand created in 2008 by Alessandro Gualtieri – the Nose behind all fragrances. A rebellious bohemian, Alessandro was enraged with the on – going trends and formulas in perfumery hence wanted to create something different. All his fragrances have no rules – no formulas. They are an expression of his relationship with the ingredients as he chooses each ingredient personally. Each fragrance has a strong story and reflects the customer interpretation or self – expression. With the entire packaging of the fragrance made in Italy, each fragrance reflects its story through its cap and colour of fragrance.

At, we’ve worked hard to procure these hard-to-find niche perfume samples so that customers can buy them, give them a try and then make up their minds as to which perfume they intend to buy fully ensuring that our customers are getting a perfume that they’ll love. Now you don’t have to be worried about buying a new perfume and not liking it. These are very small amounts of specific fragrances that are typically sold in conveniently sized vials. You’ll find that many brands offer samples, and they are available for both women and men. Their small size allows them to be effortlessly carried or kept in the smallest of spaces, such as a pocket or a small purse.


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