Mrignaini By Opulence Perfumery Musk Attar (Limited Batch)

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Mrignaini/ Mrignayani attar is beauty through the eyes of the Deer.

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Mrignaini/ Mrignayani is beauty through the eyes of the Deer.

As how deer search the depths of every forest, smell around every tree,  and still can’t discover where this scent was coming from. They remain determined because the scent is so glorious, they know deep down that they would be profoundly happy once they finally find it.

Mrignaini attar is curated by the in-house Tibetan Perfumer with notes of natural deer musk, white ambergris, spices, and sandalwood.

Mrignaini is made using high-quality natural materials, the musk grain macerated in a high-quality sandalwood base oil for over 3 years before it takes on a unique form of its own. The attar is strong and performs well on the skin.

Deer musk refers to a substance that is secreted by the musk glands of male deer, particularly the musk deer. Musk is a highly aromatic and valuable material that has been used for centuries in perfumes, traditional medicine, and as an ingredient in various cultural practices.

Historically, deer musk has been prized for its strong, rich scent, often described as musky, earthy, and animalistic. It has been a key ingredient in perfumes and fragrances, adding depth and complexity to various scents. Due to its rarity and unique scent, deer musk has been highly sought after and considered a luxury item.

How to apply your Mrignaini Attar

Using the Dipstick, gently apply a drop of Mrignaini on your pulse point in a swift smear.

Very gently, dab your wrists together so as to wake the Attar up. You may also apply a single drop of Attar to the tip of your finger, then dab your pulse points, without rubbing them.

Disclaimer: The attar might stain your clothes so please apply the attar on your skin directly

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6 reviews for Mrignaini By Opulence Perfumery Musk Attar (Limited Batch)

  1. Bhuvan Mittal

    I received the Mrignaini attar today . What a mind-blowing creation. The complexity of the scent is just amazing. Beautiful development of must and sandalwood. I get some patchouli as well. Amazing to the core

  2. Bhupendra

    Mrignaini is absolutely amazing I loved it

  3. Kiran Tripathi

    Loved Mrignaini….excellent blend. Superb longevity.

  4. Mohan Gaikwad

    Mrignaini is very nice…not hard hitting like animalic scent profile…it is sophisticated..light airy…but still has depth and complexity…I liked it… beautiful attar….thanks to you for this magnificent creation and Nikhil Bhai also suggested this attar in his YouTube video

  5. Vikas Verma

    This stuff is magical. Mrignaini wil transport you to the world that is so much pristine and in solitude. Everything is so perfect as if it is unreal.
    The way the notes are blended, looks like something extraordinary has been created here !!
    Kudos to the team

  6. Rohit Rane

    Too strong for my taste. Mrignaini is only for winters. !!
    I bought 1 gram and i think it will be with me for long time because you dont need to swipe more. it is intense and pretty strong

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