Megamare By Orto Parisi Extrait De Parfum

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Megamare by Orto Parisi is a Aromatic Aquatic fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Megamare was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri.

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A portrait of the beauty that lies on the surface of the ocean, and the dangers of the salty depths below. Megamare is a swirling typhoon of a scent, a heady wash of brackish water, biting green algae, spicy-sweet sea air, and a sparkling musk that radiates with the intensity of the midday sun reflecting off the rolling waves of the open ocean. With immense longevity and powerful projection. Tranquil and terrifying, serene and sensual, Megamare radiates the yin and yang of the sea.

The sea is whole and infinite and it does not need an explanation. This fragrance is an eternal feeling. Ambiguous and powerful, sophisticated and fragile. You cannot fight against the sea. By the end of the day, there is a little that needs to be said about the sea. Explain too much and we risk of negating mysteries, weighing down the movement and suffocating the vibrations. The little that is known is captured in this fragrance bottle and is precisely the amount that is possible and needed to expand a vision of the sea. Megamare is an olfactive definition of a sea.

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2.5ml Decant, 5ml Decant, 10ml Decant, 50ml Retail Pack

4 reviews for Megamare By Orto Parisi Extrait De Parfum

  1. Nitish

    One of the finest niche freshie. It last for 20 hours plus with enormous sillage,

  2. Pranav Nagpal

    Just received the decant, the only scent close to the smell of beaches. Good choice for aquatic lovers like me.

  3. Kevit tehran

    The most beautiful aquatic fragrance I have ever smelled. Even I am not a fan of blue fragrances. It gives a oceanic type of a vibe. Sea salt, aquatic notes, maybe ambergris some hint of musk. I can’t describe it clearly… It is fresh, aromatic and musky. Absolute gorgeous creation by Orto Parisi.

  4. Amardeep Sharma

    Superb salty fragrance.. My wife loves it one me. but gets bit cloying if oversprayed

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