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Maison Margiela Replica Perfume Travel Spray Set of 3 (10ml each)


Chergui is full bodied and complex and has a sweet spiciness that’s miles away from something girlish or cute.  It’s true poetry in a perfume… a hot and breathtaking fragrance that’s not tame and not at all familiar (and oh-so-gorgeous because of it).

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Coffee Break 10ml + By the Fireplace 10ml + Jazz Club 10ml.

Originality, creativity and a pinch of provocation – this is the luxury French brand Maison Margiela (formerly Maison Martin Margiela), famous for its unconventional fashion pieces, unique REPLICA collection and unmistakable perfumes. In 1988, designer Martin Margiela founded a luxury fashion house in Paris, bearing his name. The Maison Margiela brand is characterized by an unconventional concept of fashion and perfumes, which are a work of art in its presentation. The REPLICA collection from 1994, which presents clothes and replicas of handmade accessories from various parts of the world, is especially noteworthy. Each piece has a label describing the story and the material of its original. In 2012, luxury perfumes were added to this unique collection. How do memories smell? The REPLICA fragrances,created in collaboration with the world’s best perfumers, will
respond to this. Maison Margiela perfumes are designed to evoke memories of beautiful moments in us. Just smell it.

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