LAVS by UNUM Extrait de Parfum


The fundamental ingredient of LAVS is Opponax, a sort of sweet myrrh , a plant that produces a purifying golden resin.

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The first essence conceived by UNUM wants to celebrate the Atelier where Lavs was born. Lavs means excellence, a factory where arts and ideas together generate spirituality , beauty and mysticism. LAVS, extrait de parfum is an hymn to the Spirit: UNUM celebrates it with the Bois de Rose, whose symbology take us back to protection, harmony and balance. The rosewood becomes custody of the senses, a protecting and accompanying energy. From this dark background, a mystic symphony of Oak Moss, Amber, and Tonka Bean, opens up. This last spice, from Columbia, requires one year drying and emanates herbs, vanilla, tobacco, caramel, honey because of his main essence named Coumarin. It also contain cloves flavor. Tonka Bean in South America is considered as a lucky charm. An other fundamental ingredient of LAVS is Opponax, a sort of sweet myrrh , a plant that produces a purifying golden resin. Opponax comes from Somalia, Egyptians used it for fumigations and to flavor wines. Passing by Ambra, Lavs moves us with Elemi’s musics, an oleoresin obtained by engraving, Elemi is very aromatic and spicy. In the ancient time this oil has been used by Arabic and Turks. His balancing qualities lead us to a deep peace feelings,and open us to an unique mystic experience. Deep inside LAVS we also find cloves, coriander and labdanum notes. Labdanum, with the heat of the sun, exudes from Citrus Ladanifer bushes in the area western Mediterranean area. Egyptians used Labdanum as a component of their holy incense and it seems that the fake beards of the Pharaohs were made by goat hair soaked in this kind of resin. Labdanum is also called Gilead in the Holy Bible. Nowadays Labdanum is harvest in Crete with a special tool. This parfume is very complex, amber, antique, the smell of an old trunk full of dusty clothes, but its nuances can be close to the leather, to the sweet and honeyed, woody, smoked musk. Concerning the head notes, Lavs prefers three essences: the precious, mild, sensual Jasmine, the tropical Cardamom, and the evocative, intense Black Pepper, the spices king since ever. Around the Black Pepper the whole Lavs symphony play and harmonize.

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