Hermes Women’s Discovery Set


The Discovery set contains the decants of 4 fragrances: Eau De Merveilles EDP,Jour De Hermes EDP,Twilly EDP,Twilly Eau Poivree


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Now grab an assortment of Herme Women Fragrances decants before plunging into the retails pack.

With the help of a discovery set, you will be able to explore the brand in a personified manner.

The Discovery set contains the decants of 4 fragrances:

  • Ambre De Merveilles EDP
  • Jour De Hermes EDP
  • Twilly EDP
  • Twilly Eau Poivree

Disclaimer : In extreme case of non availability of any of the above fragrance, it shall be replaced with any other variant from Hermes Women Collection .

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10ml (Set of 4), 5ml (Set of 4)


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