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A perfume decant is a small-sized bottle in which the perfumes are poured from the official perfume full-sized bottle to these decant bottles. It is not from the company nor a factory-sealed bottle. Usually decant bottles come in 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml and 30ml.

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Painstakingly composed using the absolute rarest of materials, this second ultraluxe release from D.S. & Durga is a pure vision of India—Kashmiri saffron, frangipani, gardenia, yellow lotus attar, and damask rose with fine Sri Lankan sandalwood and vetiver.
D.S. arrives on a wave of saffron, savory and quietly potent, bearing the delightful floral sweetness of frangipani and gardenia. Fresh, watery yellow lotus and lush rose deepen the resonance as we enter the heart, while a perfectly balanced, not-too-heavy dose of agarwood has just the right amount of dark bite to introduce a base of earthy, woodsy vetiver and creamy, smooth sandalwood. Enchantingly romantic, impressively pedigreed, D.S. is the kind of fragrance the whole world could fall head over heels in love with- but we’d also understand if you wanted to keep it all for yourself.


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