Dahn Al Aoud Anteeque By Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Perfume

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Dahn Al Aoud Anteeque by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is a rare limited edition pure oud EdP. DAAA is one of the finest perfumes of this type ever produced in the world.

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Dahn Al Aoud Anteeque by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is a rare limited edition pure oud EdP. DAAA is one of the finest perfumes of this type ever produced in the world.

This is a ridiculously, I mean like a ridiculously awesome smelling perfume! First off, the Oud in this is so complex, aged so beautifully, that your nose will not, cannot believe that this is just pure aged Cambodian Oud! Keep in mind that Oud has over 500 different aroma compounds, so Oud in itself is infinitely complex and is basically one ginormous scent pyramid, so the `flavor` profiles and aromas that could possibly be recreated to simulate olfactory illusions is literally, infinite, and also, all varieties of Aquilaria Trees produce all different kinds of Oud as well depending on where they’re grown, age, climate, how long they’ve been aged, so the numbers are mind boggling…

The perfume opens with what smells like a combination of Tom Ford`s Plum Japonais and JPG`s Gaultier², sticky sweet and gooey like, warm and very comforting with olfactory illusions of all varieties of overripe fruits like Plums, Raisins, Pineapples, tropical fruits, wet woods, Amber, ash, a slight medicinal bandage nuance along with some bundles of Tobacco leaves that are soaked with gasoline, and the olfactory colors of purple, maroon, brown, dark green and orange. Everything feels as if it’s edible, and the depth and complexity is so intense that your nose is continually glued to your wrist trying to figure out what it is that you’re smelling, and it’s literally Nirvana! As the perfume progresses over the next 6 hours, it unfolds so wide that you become overloaded from trying to figure out what all of these new awesome smells are, but the great thing is that there’s zero anything offensive smelling here, and this juice is 100% public friendly, in fact, you will get complimented… the `only` way that I can describe what’s going on here is what plum flavored hookah tobacco smells like before it’s lit, but rich, and deep, and insanely complex! The longevity and sillage are fantastic, especially for this Oud composition being in spray form, and the development over the course of 12 hours is neverending. The juice is a limited edition with a ROYAL presentation that includes a heavy pewter stand for the amber colored juice inside the jewel like flacon along with a hand polished pewter cap and a jeweled maroon `A` logo encrusted on top, which everything sits inside a gorgeous wooden box that’s lined outside with brown leather and is shiny brown plastic on top, light brown velour lined inside, and a velour bag of bokhoor incense Oud chips comes in the box as well, and it comes from the same Oud that was used to produce this perfume, how cool!

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