Colonia Quercia By Acqua Di Parma EDC Concentree Perfume

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The purity of style. A must-have, sought-after design. A refinement which can be recognized in its detail and craftsmanship.

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Acqua di Parma – Colonia Quercia

A journey to Piedmont. Among aristocratic and historic families. In the shade of a sacred tree, symbol of courage, dignity and shelter.

Travelling among the aristocratic families of Piedmont you encounter one of their traditional symbols. A tree considered sacred since ancient times, whose renowned longevity testifies to and accompanies the history of mankind, as well as the traditions and values handed down unaltered from generation to generation. The oak, already venerated in times past as the king of trees or the tree of life due to its exceptional hardiness and longevity, has always been a symbol of generosity and courage. With its powerful trunk and ample crown it conveys protection and strength. It is from the soft moss which grows on its bark that one of the most precious and rare ingredients of quality perfumery is extracted – oakmoss absolute – which becomes the heart of a new and exclusive olfactory composition. Colonia Quercia.

In the woods of Piedmont. The appeal of an ancient tree. Walking among centuries-old oaks, taking in their vigour.

A soft carpet of barely damp earth and light that shines through the branches. All around, the stillness of the morning and the cool, soothing shadow of the great majestic oaks. Sturdy, strong trees which, with their mighty branches, almost create an encircling tunnel. Natural architecture which has existed since time immemorial, wonderful to stroll through quietly, breathing deeply and taking in the strong scent of the undergrowth in the air.

Colonia Quercia. The majestic strength of a noble ingredient. The eternal spirit of a noble land in an irresistible composition.

An irresistible and powerful fragrance. A generous, sensory composition which encapsulates the eternal spirit of a noble tree. Within Colonia Quercia lies the strength of a majestic tree. In the olfactory development of this fragrance, the unmistakable citrus clarity of Colonia meets the scents of moss, the aromas of green and of light which accompany a long walk in the woods. Deep notes released from an ingredient prized by leading perfumers: oakmoss absolute. An elegant and original alchemy is thus created. A fragrance which resonates with those who know how to recognize the values of a tradition which remains beguiling and dynamic from generation to generation.

A vibrant, full-bodied fragrance. Notes of light and elegance. The cheerfulness of citrus meets oakmoss absolute.

The clear and crisp opening reflects of the characteristic and unforgettable personality of Colonia. A citrus beginning where bergamot, lemon, petitgrain and pink pepper meet. The journey has barely begun and immediately reaches the heart of the fragrance, zesty and vibrant with geranium, cardamom and cedarwood. This is the prelude to the grand finale, utterly radiant, sophisticated and strong. The leading role is that of oakmoss absolute which recalls the clarity of the beginning, but with its own specific olfactory splendour which makes the composition of this Eau de Cologne Concentrée even more original. A rare ingredient, extraordinarily rich in nuances, that gives Colonia Quercia a unique persistence, clothing it in intense elegance. In the resonant base, its mossy and woody aromas are elevated by the gorgeous accents of tonka bean and the precious warmth of patchouli.

The purity of style. A must-have, sought-after design. A refinement which can be recognized in its detail and craftsmanship.

Characterizing Colonia Quercia is the iconic Art Deco bottle, customized in the colours that run through the whole collection. Deep brown for the bottle made from the clearest glass and for the lid, bronze highlights for the label. All the details, materials and workmanship reflect the Italian craftsmanship that has always distinguished every Acqua di Parma creation. Colonia Quercia is available in two sizes: 100ml and 180ml. Each bottle is packaged inside a box wholly covered by hand in fine paper in sophisticated tobacco tones. The bronze satin which enriches the inside gives the meticulous, must-have design a precious touch.

Colonia Ingredients Collection 

The characteristic, citric freshness of Colonia merges with the typical ingredients from a region. Each fragrance is a chapter in itself, summarized in an olfactory narrative that surprises us with new fragrant notes and new atmospheres.

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180ml Retail Pack, 10ml Decant, 30ml Decant, 100ml Retail Pack


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