Bergamotto di Calabria By Acqua Di Parma EDT Perfume

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Sunshine, dancing breezes, shimmering water. Sometimes it’s almost imperceptible sensations that provoke the purest memories and emotions. Blu Mediterraneo is a line of five fragrances conjuring up the energy, sun and colours of the Italian Mediterranean. The five legs of an ideal sensory journey through natural scenarios without parallel, a theatre where myth, art and culture meet in harmony.

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Acqua di Parma – Blu Mediterraneo – Bergamotto di Calabria – Eau de Toilette

Bergamotto di Calabria is pure refreshment. A sprightly fragrance full of sparkling energy and a tribute to the spirited essence of bergamot DOP (*) and lemon, complemented by the vibrant notes of red ginger, cedar and vetiver. (* = DOP Denomination d’Origine Protetta, a protected designation of origin for the valuable oils of Calabrian bergamot. Acqua di Parma is authorized to use these bergamot DOP oils of this Calabrian fruit as a quality fragrance ingredient.).

Blu Mediterraneo reflects the radiant beauty and ancient culture of Italy’s most symbolic landscapes.


This unique, fascinating land is the home of the most precious, high quality varieties of bergamot, the ideal habitat for the vast stretches of citrus groves cultivated with care and passion for centuries and where, with the passing of the seasons, each bergamot fruit is imbued with reflections of the sea, the colors of earth, the fragrance of the wind, the vitality of the Sun. This is the home of the authentic, precious Bergamotto from Calabria, a small juicy fragrant gift of nature enclosed in a bright shiny rind which, as it ripens, changes from deep green to golden yellow.

From time immemorial the Mediterranean has been a melting pot of nations and cultures, languages and customs, arts and legends. But over and above the mythology – bewitching nymphs and sirens, soldiers of fortune and poets celebrating their feats, antique gods and enterprising travellers like Ulysses – the heart-rending beauty of the Mediterranean is real, intense, tangible. Simply spellbinding.

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