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Aquilaria Blossom by Areej Le Doré Extrait De Parfum 2022 Release


Aquilaria Blossom is our dream come true, the perfume that smells like a real Oud Blossom.

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Modern, resinous, fresh, floral, and delicious oud fragrance crafted by two of the most known oud distillers of recent times. Try to imagine the most precious of all trees –  aquilaria (agarwood) trees – having huge and fragrant blossoms. We composed this perfume to smell exactly how we envisioned those imaginary aromatic flowers in full bloom. Far projecting top notes are surprisingly modern and juicy screaming bittersweet citruses supported by the depth and wild nature of different ouds.

Heart notes display one of the most exciting floral accords composed by sweet magnolia and bitter neroli singing in a complete harmony creating the scent of true olfactory bliss that well represents the scent of imaginary Aquilaria Blossom. Prickly pepper frosts the edges of the delicate petals, and sparkly frankincense adds a resinous facet to the citrusy florality.

The base of truly exceptional co-tincture of Yemen myrrh, Indonesian vanilla, Iranian saffron and Russian castoreum creating a perfect seal for this multilayered composition.

Myrrh and propolis adds the sticky resinous character that lasts for hours. Castoreum and saffron create luxurious, oriental, soft leather accord sweetened by the dark mouthwatering vanilla beans.

Aquilaria Blossom is our dream come true, the perfume that smells like a real Oud Blossom.

Aquilaria Blossom is a composition made by Russian Adam in collaboration with perfumer Taha Syed of Agar Aura. It is a parfum extrait. It contains notes of bitter mandarin leaves, Japanese yuzu, bergamot, orange and white ambergris at the top. In the center is neroli, magnolia, a selection of ouds, frankincense, Mexican cedar, patchouli, and Malaysian propolis. The base notes contain a co-tincture (of myrrh, vanilla, saffron and castoreum), oakmoss, benzoin, olibanum, tobacco, white ambergris, castoreum, sandalwood Mysore, Styrax, labdanum and a musk accord.

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