Plumeria de Orris by Areej Le Dore Extrait de Parfum


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This composition is dedicated to plumeria (known also as frangipani), the most gorgeous Asian flower. To find an extract that properly represents this flower is indeed a challenge. In Plumeria de Orris, we used nearly one kilogram of white frangipani extract that we believe captures the true nature of this exquisite blossom. We added a touch of genuine distilled plumeria oil, the rarest, most expensive floral essential oil we have ever encountered (at a price of over $200 per gram).

Soft, powdery whispers of plumeria, full of narcotic, head-spinning, creamy floral notes, uplift the olfactory senses. Orris butter absolute further enhances its powdery splendor, making its floral soul even more expansive, deeper and longer lasting. A gentle touch of apricot, with its honeyed flesh and velvety suede skin, boosts the plumeria’s fruity aspect. It adds juicy sweetness and an almost gourmand nuance to the top notes.

Creamy floral notes slowly sink into buttery sandalwood. Wild aroma of civet adds a dash of animalic depth to the arrangement. Clouds of vanilla emerge from hiding behind the woods and deliver delicious olfactory joy.

Dense and incensey myrrh embraces oriental notes. Rich and resinous, this time-honored ingredient blends perfectly with dark and sooty vetiver. Virginian cedarwood provides a smoky, woody texture that perfectly completes this lush, luxurious composition and creates a well-balanced earthy backbone.

Plumeria, the floral soul of Asia, has been immersed in an apricot cocktail and magnified by oriental, incensey, animalic woods. Plumeria de Orris is a mesmerizing journey to Asia, a land that is both astonishingly wild and breathtakingly beautiful.

Plumeria de Orris Notes
plumeria absolute, natural apricot accord and orris root absolute, sandalwood, vanilla and synthetic civet, myrrh, vetiver and cedarwood.

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