The year is 1923, the roaring twenties are in full swing as the Europe endeavors to forget the First World War with spectacle and excess. Lindbergh is flying across the oceans, Josephine baker is taking Paris by storm and US Prohibition gives birth to the speakeasy and an underground culture of music and dance. Women are beginning to exercise their independence; working, cutting their hair, or using their rich and powerful lovers to climb the social ladder. Also born in this year is the fragrance house Jovoy Paris, by Blanche Arvoy.
Jovoy is a contraction of “Joe” her nickname and “Voy” from her husband name (Esteban Arvoy). Four perfumes with animal-shaped bottles were launched for the original brand. Jovoy was known for selling perfumes for the “gentlemen’s nieces”, a polite way Parisian dandies described buying gifts for their mistresses. Her shop on Rue de la Paix quickly became a destination for perfume lovers. She created fragrances that represented the heady 20’s, opulent, rich, leaving trails that no one could forget. “Gardez moi” (keep me) , ‘L’ardente nuit’ (hot/burning night), all kind of evocative names, stored in beautiful unique Lalique crystal bottles.
Then came the great depression, followed by the Second World War, both of which effectively finished off the culture of excess and beauty, along with Jovoy’s precious perfumes, and the line died.
In 2006 Francois Hénin resurrected the House with the debut of a new range of Eau de Parfums and the largest independent store of artistic perfumery in Paris located near Place Vendome. Jovoy Paris has been reincarnated and brings back the allure of storied perfumery with a modern twist. Somewhere Blanch is dancing the Charleston with glee.

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