Intense By Mercedes Benz Eau de Toilette For Men


This is a sophisticated scent with a deep sillage that confirms the man’s identity and accentuates his singularity. A fragrance that goes beyond and challenges the limits of power and seduction. To last. A fragrance which is a concentrate of intensity and a true sublimation of the original fragrance.



The Mercedes-Benz emblem, the famous three – pointed star, is engraved in relief in the bottom of the bottle. And like a seal on its elegant bonnet. The bottle nestles in a deep, matte, darkly luminous pack stamped with the silver star. Olfactive family – fragrencia Fresca top note – bergamot, mandarina heart note – pimienta bourbon, nuez moscada, violeta base note – amber, cedro master perfumer – Olivier Cresp.


It helps keep unwanted body odar at bay and ensure that you smell good throughout the day, boosts your confidence.


Putting on small amount of perfume on pulse points like wrists, back of the ear and neck should be sufficient. Perfumes can turn into an awful scent if mixed with perspiration.
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120ml Retail Pack


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