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Frequently Asked Questions

200% money back guarantee 

We understand the fear of buying similar-looking duplicate and refilled perfume bottles. Hence, we procure our stock directly from the brands. After your order, you are free to get your purchase checked at the nearest brand outlet or through their online support. Reach back to us within 60 days if any proofs of inauthenticity are observed. We will refund 200% of your total billing amount under our 60-day refund policy. 

Splash Fragrance procures its stock directly from the brand’s distributor located in India and Abroad and hence, we are in a position to offer the best possible price, given that no middle men are involved. These perfumes are strategically priced at the lowest possible rates in Indian digital space. 
Please note that we can never compete for price against distributors that sell refilled bottles through Instagram or their website, claiming it to be Dubai stock. A quick google search will help you figure out the defaulters. 
Hence, when you notice a lower price than what we offer, it is advised to do some research before making the purchase. 
Splash Fragrance has been in the business of making perfumes more accessible for 8 years. Since we do not compete for price, we have no reason to fill unauthentic perfumes and lose the clients when our clients are willing to pay the price that these decants cost. 
All the fragrance decanting is done at our head office in Lucknow. 
You can either visit the space if you live nearby or simply read thousands of reviews about Splash Fragrance on Google to ensure the authenticity of all our products. 

Sure. You can book a complimentary consultation call with one of our certified fragrance consultants. Kindly connect with us over WhatsApp Support on +91 8400000846 with your consultation request and the team will get back to you. 

If you receive a product that is damaged and leaking, please do not use the product. Click a photograph and email us with your concern at 
 We will immediately inspect your case and replace your product. 
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