The Most Valuable Perfume in the World, Amouage has its origins in the Sultanate of Oman. The making of a perfume is never done in a hurry but rather is a culmination of years of patience and hard work— The gold-plated embellishments on the beautiful bottles are meticulously affixed by hand. Amouage is based on the core ingredients from Oman – Silver Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rock Rose. Today, as in ancient times, the precious resin from the very ordinary-looking frankincense tree is harvested carefully by hand, by a select caste of tribal herders. The essence of an incredibly rare variety of roses called the Omani Rock Rose grows and flowers for the briefest period each year in the remote mountains of Oman.

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Jubilation XXV Man By Amouage EDP Perfume


Interlude Man By Amouage EDP Perfume


Meander By Amouage EDP Perfume

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