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1899 by Histoires de Parfums EDP Perfume

Born on the edge of a century that changed the world order, Ernest Hemingway was involved in the u-turn events of his era. From USA to Spain, from Italy, then Paris to Cuba, Heming..


1969 by Histoires de Parfums EDP Perfume

The carnal sensuality of a voluptuous bunch of spices. In the trail of this oriental gourmand, mystery is tinted with eroticism that the mythical year of 1969 evokes without a blus..


Petroleum by Histoires de Parfums EDP Perfume

A symbol of wealth and prosperity, Petroleum is an unexpected essence, once referred to as "Black Gold", it is rich, dark and mysterious…a miraculous gift from the depths of our Ea..


Histoires De Parfums Discovery Kit -10 Vial Perfume Sampler Set

10 perfume sample vials of 2 ml each.Discover the olfactive library of Histoires de Parfums. The curated selection is filled with inspiring stories that come to life through luxuri..