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1270 By Frapin 100ml Edp Perfume

Named for the year the Frapin family established itself in the Cognac region of France (and continues to make cognac to this day), 1270 was created by Beatrice Cointreau, great gra..


Paradis Perdu By Frapin EDP Perfume

1889…Time stood still in the temporary glass palaces of the Paris World Fair. The pavilions, showing their iron lacework undersides, celebrated booming industry and Art Nouveau. It..


The Orchid Man By Frapin EDP Perfume

The Orchid Man is named for Georges Carpentier, an early 20th century French boxer whose elegant style and myriad accomplishments in and out of the ring made him a Parisian icon. B..


Caravelle Epicée By Frapin 100 ml EDP Perfume

An irresistible ambery brew. Caravelle Epicée takes its name from the spice ships of long ago, but there is nothing remotely aquatic or damp here. This is heat and spice -- the dry..


L'Humaniste By Frapin 100 ml EDP Perfume

Like the refreshing aromatics of a classic gin and tonic, the zesty citrus top notes in L'humaniste command you to sit up and pay attention from the beginning. Delve deeper to..


Nevermore By Frapin 100 ml EDP Perfume

For 75 years, Edgar Allen Poe's grave was the site of an appropriately dark and mysterious tradition: a lone figure, clad in top hat and cape, would visit the gravestone of the leg..


Passion Boisee By Frapin 100 ml EDP Perfume

Brisk and strong with a noble heart, this classically appealing scent opens with a burst of vivid tangerine. Not a vague, generalized citrus that nods its head and moves along, but..


Speakeasy By Frapin 100 ml EDP Perfume

Speak easy: those were the words whispered to clients in illegal bars during the Prohibiton..Frapin's new fragrance conjures the film noir allure of an age when danger lurked under..