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Byerley By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men

The influence of the mighty Byerley horse is possibly unparalleled in European history. A mighty warhorse, said to be born in a thunderstorm and thus unafraid of cannonfire, this n..

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Darley By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men

The ScoopThe Darley Arabian is one of the most venerable Arabian thoroughbreds in the world, a breed named for the alpha steed originally introduced to Europe from Aleppo, and stil..

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Galloway By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men

Bred to adapt to the harsh climate and rocky mountains of 18th century Scotland, the Galloway stallion was a particularly stalwart breed, versatile, rugged and determined. For the ..

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Godolphin By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men

The ScoopThe Godolphin Arabian, as the progenitor of the modern thoroughbred- it's estimated that at least a third of modern racehorses descend from his line- would have to be cons..

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Herod By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men

One of the most accomplished racehorses (and prolific studs) of 18th century Europe, Herod was a horse of uncommon achievement descended from a famous line of Turkish warhorses. To..

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Layton By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men

Parfums de Marly - LaytonLayton - an intense sensualityThe story? A sensual and scented composition infusing ease and nobility into the festive and harmonious atmosphere of the Ver..

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Oajan By Parfums De Marly EDP For Men and Women

An Arabian will take care of its owner as no other horse will, for it has not only been raised to physical perfection, but has been instilled with a spirit of loyalty unparalleled ..

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Pegasus By Parfums De Marly EDP Perfume

Pegasus- the horse God, the heavenly stallion portrayed in Coustou's famed statue. A creature of such power, refinement and nobility that only a God himself would dare attempt to r..

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