Black IV by AJ Arabia 50ml Extrait De Parfum

Widian - AJ Arabia - Black Collection - Black IV

Black IV tells the story of a love at first sight. Characterized by an animal attraction, Black IV is both subtle and playful, telling a story of hushed romance where a glance can turn into immediate temptation.

Black IV is an extremely feminine and exclusive fragrance. It begins with a gentle, very gentle tart, yet distinct black currant, which from the outset is accompanied by soft, seemingly vanilla accents. A really mellow plum enters the scene, which is more reminiscent of a beautiful plum wine or liqueur as that of a whole fruit. Black IV fascinates and strongly captivates. This beautiful, tart cassis fruitiness contrasts with the creamy-milky vanilla, cotton soft musk that clings light as a feather to the skin. Black IV captivates with its beautiful plum wine impression, including a fruity delicate rosebud and its fine-spicy sweetness along a beautiful, always translucent suede touch.

Black IV is silky and sensual captivating our nose while seducing our skin. 

Flacon and Packaging

The flacon and packaging design for the Black Collection was inspired by the grandiose architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which was officially opened in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates in 2007. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and the eighth largest in the world.

The interwoven pattern on the flacon and packaging reflect the careful design of the arches and domes of the mosque and thus emphasize the uniqueness and quality of the olfactory treasure contained within.

Opening the packaging is like opening a door to another world, where the familiar and unknown combine to provide a magical experience.

AJ Arabia

“Your perfume is your unseen personality, expresses your mood and reveals all your secrets” Ali Al Jaberi

AJ Arabia is a perfumery house founded by Ali Al Jaberi in Abu Dhabi. Original fragrances which say a lot about a person who wants to be different, while remaining anchored to their roots and heritage. Each fragrance has the charm of adventure and finding the unknown, the joy of discovery and the strong desire and belief that all roads lead home.

AJ Arabia is a splendid example of the contemporary Arabian spirit, offering modern, but at the same time, traditional perfumes. Enticing aromas attract and enchant with their scents of sensuality and serenity. Delicate and fragrant perfume takes you on a journey to the marvelous heritage of the Middle East.

His olfactory journey began in his homeland, the Arabian Desert, surrounded by the aromas of oud, amber, incense and rare Arabian flowers. From his extraordinary passion for perfumes, Ali Al Jaberi was inevitably drawn to Paris, the traditional center of the perfumer’s art. There he met the “nose”Jean-Claude Astier and fulfilled his dream of learning the fine art of perfumery.

Upon returning home, Ali Al Jaberi united the treasures of the Arabian Desert with the secrets of French perfumery and created veritable fragrances that tell of his journey through two worlds.

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Black IV by AJ Arabia 50ml Extrait De Parfum

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